The project

'Establishment of a dialogue of care: our shared responsibility towards the future'

What We Expect

The benefits of the project

The project will have а direct positive effect on the partner organizations and the targeted groups; on the one hand a stronger link will be established between the agents from both sides of the border, actively involved in the activities which will result in more sustainable, predictable and purposeful dynamics of interrelations.

The work together will contribute to deeper mutual understanding, improved culture of dialogue, exchange of good practices and furthermore strengthen tangibly their capacity to deal with challenges of common interest.

2 Municipalities – Dupnitsa and Karbinci and the CrossBorderCooperation 

Beyond the direct effect on the partners and participants, the project aims at addressing issues which are of universal character for the 2 Municipalities – Dupnitsa and Karbinci and the CBC region such as existence of many vulnerable areas with fire and flood predisposition enhanced by (i) high anthropogenic pressure and (i) theoretical and practical deficits in the firefighting culture of citizens; 

Therefore the current project is concentrated on construction of measures for relevant response through development of a supported joint mechanism for disaster management and risk prevention, promotion of climate change awareness, participants in trainings and campaigns in the field of risk prevention(including vulnerable groups), etc.

the idea is a sustainable change in the perceptions and attitudes of the citizens to be stimulated thus building an environmentally and risk conscious society

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