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Researches for Fire precaution

Mapping of the vulnerable zones with fire predisposition in Dupnitsa and Karbinci regions
Research on the preparedness of the local citizens regarding natural and man-caused disasters

Α joint mechanism for disaster management and risk prevention

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Joint seminar for exchange of good practices among voluntary teams from Dupnitsa and Karbinci
Basic fire safety course & training for children and vulnerable groups
One in Dupnitsa and one in Karbinci

Exchange of knowledge for constructive action


Awareness campaign “Always prepared, always safe”
Launch of essay competition “Pale Blue Dot” (The role of the individual preserving the nature)

Organization of Info tours in Dupnitsa and Karbinci

forest fire volunteer


Condition of the environment, burning issues, efforts made by the EU
Opportunities for voluntary activity in the field of nature protection, risk management and emergencies

Types of volunteering, useful information, needed preparation

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