Basic Fire Course in Dupnica


About the course

The training course is designed with the purpose to raise awareness of fire hazards in different environments – outside, at home, at school or workplace and to promote sustainable behaviour in case of event of emergency, including selecting and using a fire extinguisher or other relevant means; 

it is a logical continuation of PA 2 (Research on the preparedness of the local citizens) as it will fill the theoretical and practical gaps of citizens and act as a catalyst for more competent attitude pattern.

It will be comprised of 2 modules – one theoretical and other directed to practice; the participants will be divided in two groups: children (30) and people with disabilities (30) with the aim to address as much as possible vulnerable groups and to prepare them more qualitatively in compliance of their needs.

Training for children and vulnerable groups

28.02, 01.03 and 02.02.2022 for children
23.02, 24.02 and 25.02.2022 for people with disabilities.

The course content will gravitate towards the topics:

(i) development and spread of fire,

 (ii) action in the event of fire, 

(iii) means of raising alarm,

 (iiii) emergency medical care, 

(iiiii) evacuation procedures. 

At the end of the course an assessment of the acquired knowledge and practical skills will be conducted by multiple choice test and practical demonstration; the participants successfully completed the course will receive a certificate.

Also a feedback system will be implemented as the participants will be able to evaluate the seminar in terms of general quality, relevance of content and practicality with the perspective of future improvement.