post-project activities

Published on 28.09.2022

Municipality of Karbinci is beginning with preparations for complete closure of illegal and fields

at 6 locations throughout the municipal territory. The complete closure of the illegal land fields in

the settlements Karbinci, Tarinci,Argulica,Kozjak, Krupishte and Radanje will begin in the

month of October.

This action is being undertaken with in the frames of the project for establishment of a waste

management system in the Eastern planning region through the IPA2 Programme.

(link to the location)

* * *

A campaign to collect hazardous household waste will be held in Dupnitsa

Date of publicaIon: 26.10.2022

The municipality of Dupnitsa organizes a mobile collecIon point for the subsequent treatment of

hazardous household waste. The campaign will take place on November 1st from 10am to 4pm

(behind the Lidl taxi rank).

Residents of the municipality will have the opportunity to hand over free of charge the waste

collected by them from – mercury and mercury-containing appliances, varnishes and painIng

materials – varnishes, paints, acids, bases, chemicals, etc., packaging containing dangerous

substances and expired pharmaceuIcal product

* * *

Exhibition about the establishment of the fire station in Dupnitsa 145 years ago Dupnitsa celebrated with an exhibition the establishment of the fire brigade in the city by Major Orlinski 145 years ago. Fire fighting equipment and facilities were shown

* * *