Mapping of the vulnerable zones with fire predisposition in Dupnitsa and Karbinci regions

Strategic position of the Municipalities in the cross-border region

The current activity will be developed on several stages, all necessary for the establishment of a joint mechanism for disaster management and risk prevention that will be of assistance to both communities

Α systematic approach is needed for sustainable reduction of the impacts of climate change (along with human activity) on nature and built environment, which although a priority for both Dupnitsa and Karbinci Municipality, has some deficits in terms of inclusivity and scope in its current form. The overall objective here is utilization of the strategic position of the Municipalities as part of the cross-border region thorough strengthening the capacity for joint addressing of common challenges, in the particular case – fire occurrence.

The first stage will consist of (i)identification of the areas predisposed to fire within the city of Dupnitsa and Village of Karbinci, along with (ii) analyses on the operational strengths and weaknesses of the local agents/institutions, involved directly in the problematic; furthermore the research will be complemented by (iii) comparative analysis of the acting local/regional policies and strategies in terms of effectivity and with the aim for establishing a theoretical base for future exchange of good practices.


After the identification of the vulnerable areas, a mapping document will be elaborated and distributed on paper and online

“The fire-prevention planning of the Municipality of Karbinci, as top priority should incorporate cleaning zones on both sides of the roads that pass through forests and forest areas.

Likewise regarding the roads that pass through the plain zone, the fields on both sides of these roads should be plowed after the fruit is harvested, while the burning of fields during the fire-fighting season should be strictly prohibited.

Another important action that should be taken is the improvement of the mountainous forest network, so as to allow the unimpeded movement of fire trucks in case of a forest fire in the mountainous area.”


Area of Karbinci

The area of the Municipality of Karbinci is 44% lowland and 56% mountainous From the Final Fire Risk Map, it appears that 7.08% of the area of the Municipality of Karbinci, is very low risk for starting and spreading fires, 56.77% low risk, 34.82% medium risk and 1.34 % High Risk.

Maping of the vulnerable zones with fire predisposition in Karbinci (EN):

Reserch for Karbinci (EN) for download click on the links below.

Area of Dupnica

Description of Dupnica vulnerable areas and analysis of policies and strategies