Dupnica Gallery

Awareness campaign was organized on 09.03.2022, 10.03.2022, 11.03.2022

Basic fire safety course & training for children in Dupnitsa was organized on 28.02, 01.03 and 02.02.2022 for children

On 23.02, 24.02 and 25.02.2022 for people with disabilities.

A Joint Seminar was organized on 16.03, 17.03 and 18.03 in Dupnitsa and involved 20 participants from North Macedonia and 20 from Bulgaria.

Essay competition “Pale Blue Dot” (The role of the individual preserving the nature) was finalized on 14.02.2022 and certificates were given to all participants and awards to the winners.

A Final conference was held on 22.03.2022 in Dupnitsa.