Joint Seminar

Joint seminar for exchange of good practices among voluntary teams from Dupnitsa and Karbinci

About the Seminar

Voluntary teams will participate  in this Joint Action . Risk Management , management of emergency situations , fires will be the main thematic topics.

The current activity is logical continuation of PA 1 – Mapping of the vulnerable zones with fire predisposition in Dupnitsa and Karbinci regions. It is the second step for the establishment of an active mechanism for disaster management and risk prevention as the preparedness of the agents to respond adequately to the existing hazards is crucial; the approach – exchange of knowledge for constructive action; identification of the vulnerable areas and building a foundation for measures undertaking of high relevance to the issue.

It is directed towards the members of the voluntary squads (as structures existing in both Municipalities) assisting in the management of disasters, fires and emergencies; there are two types of voluntary gatherings – one, consisting of regular members, trained during the years and other, spontaneously formed when the parameters of the disaster require quantitative involvement.

The general idea of the seminar is maximization of the activity of the squads in terms of quality through

past, current and those, who have the desire for future involvement

presenting them with the elaborated Research and Map

establishing a framework of mutual respect and will for cooperation

exchange of good practices and valuable expertise

when & where

The seminar will take place in Dupnitsa within the time period of 3 days and will involve 20 participants from North Macedonia and 20 from Bulgaria.

The seminar was organized on 16.03, 17.03 and 18.03 in Dupnitsa

 More infos you can attend at the organization offices in both countries.


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