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You need to learn more about the Fire and its problematic situations that may occur in you life !

#1. To have a fire, which of the following elements must coexist?

#2. In case of a fire break out in a school unit, what do you think would be the most appropriate action that students must follow to save themselves?

#3. In a school unit which of the following factors could cause a fire?

#4. In a school unit, from which spot is most likely to start a fire?

#5. What actions can help students to avoid fire generally in a school unit?

#6. During the absence from home for a long time, which electrical appliance in use is most likely to cause a fire?

#7. Which device is the most dangerous to cause a fire in the house?

#8. Which of the following omissions can cause a deadly fire in a house during night-time sleep?

#9. In a multi-storey building, where a lot of people work, the key to the safety of workers in case of fire is:

#10. The most basic means for immediate intervention, in case of fire in the workplace, are:

#11. To deal with fires and the correct reaction of employees in case of fire, the appropriate training of employees:

#12. For the safe removal of students or employees with mobility problems from the school or work building, in case of fire, the following are essential:

#13. During a forest trip, in case of a dangerous forest fire, the riskiest escape route is through:

#14. During the winter season, lighting a fire for roasting in a forest should:

#15. When a house is near a forest, the most appropriate action to protect it in the event of a forest fire is: