Basic Fire Course in Karbinci for vulnerable groups

Основен пожарен курс


After the successfully implemented “Basic Fire Training” for the children – pupils in the school “Strasho Pindzhur” – Karbinci, Municipality of Karbinci realized one more such training targeting citizens of vulnerable groups in the restaurant “Vago” – Shtip during the weekend (18-20 February 2022).

The participants had an opportunity to learn about the fires and conditions influencing combustion, the most common causes of fires, with an emphasize on the prevention and safety measures – through interactive presentations and practical exercises. They recognized the usefulness of the gained knowledge and noted the need of more and frequent education of the population in the field:

„- This training is very educational and, I think that such training courses should be organized more often in order to ensure that the people are prepared for such situations and to know what is the proper and correct way they should act.“;

This entire training is very interesting. There should be more such educative presentations for the citizens.“

One of the participants, Vera Cafovska, said that she is eager to transfer the knowledge and share this experience with her peers:

„- Everything was so clear and well explained about how to deal and protect oneself in a case of fire. For me, it was really very interesting to have had a chance to try how to operate a fire extinguisher. I will transfer this knowledge in the daycare center CPLIP Poraka.

This training is an activity within the project “Establishment of a dialogue of care: our shared responsibility towards the future”, co-financed by EU thorough Interreg IPA CBC Republic of Bulgaria – Republic of North Macedonia Programme, and implemented by the Municipality of Karbinci and the Foundation 12ти Стол – Благоевград.

The Municipality is preparing for a few more interesting events, mainly targeting the children and youth, and within the upcoming campaign “Always Prepared, Always Safe” during March, 2022.

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